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We have a selection of Recliner Chairs & Beds

Your home is a place to relax and enjoy in comfort. We don’t want to worrying about how your are going to get out of your chair. That’s why here at The Mobility Centre we are here to help you find the perfect reclining favourite chair for that little snooze. Take the stress away with our fantastic range of reclining chairs to suit your needs.

Riser recliner chairs and are built for your needs and ease the pressure on your joints, neck and back. Made specifically for your body size and shape they provides unique comfort to sit back and relax or get back on your feet.

With an endless choice of leather and fabric materials, heat and massage optionsand a variety of finishes, you can create the ideal chair for your home.
Your bedroom needs to be comfortable and practical for you to get around. An adjustable beds makes getting in and out of bed a breeze, turning your bedroom into an oasis of safe relaxation enabling you to get a good nights sleep.

With variable height and size options and a wide choice of mattress and headboard styles, chose the right bed to suit you and have the peace of mind you can get in and out of your bed easily. Though you’ll be so comfortable, you may not want to.

So drift into our showroom today and choose from a range of styles and to make your home a haven of independence and tranquility.

Ahh, now isn’t that a comfort?